In the case of Victoria Park Racecourse – Grandstands there were a number of pieces that were missing, cracked or damaged beyond repair.

In the circumstance of the pieces damaged beyond repair new patterns and castings were made.  Where the pieces were cracked, they were heat treated and rewelded using a specialized technique then reheated and let to cool down. Finally, the product was abrasive blasted and a full rust protection coating system was applied.

We try at all costs to restore all original pieces and will only replace items that are impossible to reuse.

There is nothing that cannot be done in cast iron or wrought iron and we will comply with Heritage/Government requirements.

In many cases, we can restore pieces to a better than original state. 

Previous projects completed include Victor Richardson Gates (SACA), Wallis Auchandarroch House (Mt Barker) and Coalbrookdale Fountain (Adelaide Botanic Gardens). 

Interstate enquires welcome.